Yea, Nay, or Meh: Orange Cards, Galaxy II, Edu & More

By Curtis Reed (The Homegrown Player)

This week’s Yea, Nay, or Meh focuses on recent transfers, the USMNT, Galaxy II, orange cards, and more.

Orange Cards—Yea(?) We’re intrigued by the idea of orange cards. In case you haven’t heard FIFA presidential Jerome Champagne (what a great name) came out this week suggesting that referees be allowed to use an orange card to sent players to a penalty box/sin bin for offenses greater than a yellow card but less than a red. In theory it makes sense. Sometimes tackles don’t always fit into a neat category. At the same time, play is already reduced to something less than beautiful when a team goes down a man. Would we see ten minutes of a team bunkering? It’s possible. Also, it would also give players, coaches, and fans another subjective thing to debate.

Edu in Philadelphia–Yea This move is exactly what both Maurice Edu and the Philadelphia Union needed. Edu hasn’t had a sniff of playing time for ages and moving back to MLS will get him that. It may not be enough to make the World Cup team but at least it will help him push for a spot. For Philadelphia, the club has gone downhill from their first years in the league and they need something to energize them on the field. Edu could be that person.

Chivas USA–Nay Have you seen some of the signings the club has made? Sure, they made a move for Mauro Rosales earlier in the offseason but the people they have brought in don’t exactly inspire confidence. Wilmer Cabrera should be a good fit for the team but without players he may not last a year.

MLS Expansion to San Antonio–Meh First off, we should say that we think San Antonio would be a great market for MLS. The Scorpions have proven that they can pull in fans and the only other competition would be the Spurs (and high school football). But this gets a meh from us because we’re not so sure about this recent wave of expansion. Unless improvements are made elsewhere–bigger pool of talent, higher salary cap, etc.–it’s hard to get excited about any expansion talk.

USMNT in Sao Paulo–Yea It was the right move for Jurgen Klinsmann to take his whole team down to Brazil for training and pair of closed-door scrimmages against Sao Paulo FC. There is no question that playing in the Confederations Cup prior to the 2010 World Cup helped the team. Any time you can get players accustomed to the food, travel, etc., it’s a good thing.

Galaxy II–Yea The Galaxy announced this week that they will be fielding their own team in the USL Pro division this season. It is the first time an MLS team has directly entered a team in the league. Most teams had elected to create affiliations. It’s unclear exactly how the team will function except in regards to loaning fringe Galaxy players down and allowing the academy kids to play. Presumably the team will have to sign players hoping to latch on full time with the Galaxy but are free to try and sign elsewhere. It’s about time a team followed this model. The loaning five our so players to another team is nice and all but only by training and playing under the first team are players going to better integrate.

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