Yea, Nay, or Meh: Lewis, Canada, MLS Loans & More

by Curtis Reed (The Homegrown Player)

We’re back for another edition of Yea, Nay, or Meh?

Intra-MLS Loans: Yea  The mechanism for one MLS team to loan a player to another MLS team was put into place last year (the player has to be under the age of 25) but no team had yet to use the rule until this week when the Colorado Rapids loaned Tony Cascio to the Houston Dynamo for an international slot. On the surface it’s a great move for both teams. Colorado gets to see a young player challenge himself in a new environment while Houston get another young asset. A loan situation may not be right for all teams and all players but if the right deals are worked out this could be something positive for all involved.

Marco Pappa Returning to MLS: Meh  During his heyday with the Chicago Fire Marco Pappa was a fun player to watch. He was explosive on offense and was one of the best creators in the league. However, he also had a lot of liabilities that were exposed when he moved to the Dutch league. He’s no longer a sure thing and teams shouldn’t be giving away and arm and a leg to get him.

MLS-USL Affiliations: Yea  This week Toronto FC announced they will be affiliating with the Wilmington Hammerheads while the San Jose Earthquakes entered into a limited partnership with the Sacramento Republic. These kinds of affiliations are exactly what MLS and USL teams. Young MLS players need more time on the pitch and USL teams need connections to more marketable franchises. Whether a team chooses to affiliate with an existing USL team or start their own it’s a win-win.

Falcao Injury: Nay  Superstar Falcao tore his ACL this week while playing with Monaco making him a doubt for the World Cup. This is a bummer not only for Falcao and Colombia, but also to fans who will be starved of a star.

Canada Bidding For 2026 World Cup: Tres Oui!  We’re super delighted at this news for many reasons. One, it makes it so much easier for U.S. fans to possibility attend a match. Two, it would provide reasonable television times. And three, it would improve the quality of soccer in Canada and thus indirectly the United States. For better or worse the U.S. and Canada are connected at the hip and what is good for Canada is good for the United States. A World Cup in Canada would help improve the quality of the Canadian side and could lead to more investment at the grassroots level.

Andre Lewis Situation: Nay First the Cosmos claimed to have signed Andre Lewis and then the Vancouver Whitecaps and MLS claimed he was their property after Vancouver had drafted the young Jamaican. As it turns out, the Cosmos were right. In a complicated situation Lewis is under contract with the Cosmos but is being sent on loan to the Whitecaps. It gets tricky after that if the Whitecaps decide to keep him past a certain date.  Having players sign for a lower-division club rather than MLS isn’t the worst thing in the world, but having confusion surrounding a young player, especially when the club seems to have only done it to stuff it’s rival then that’s wrong. An ugly situation all around.

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