Yea, Nay, Or Meh: Green, Ukraine Friendly, Donovan, & More

Julian Green–Meh: If Green had fully switched his allegiance to the U.S. this would be a big Yea! However, he still has yet to commit which either means he is taking his time because he is still young (a great decision) or he is holding out that Germany offer more interest (probably still a great decision). Also, there is no question that Green has a lot of talent and could be the centerpiece player for the U.S. in the future but he still only has one first tieam appearance to his name (even though he is still very young).

U.S. In The Ukraine–Eh: Yep, this one gets a new designation from us. On the one hand the U.S. needs the match against the Ukraine as vital preparation for the World Cup. On the other hand soccer has a political impact, whether people want to admit it or not. Hopefully something can be worked out.

USL Pro Expansion–Yea: St. Louis and Louisville are the two latest cities to be mooted as new USL Pro franchises. What’s not to like about the news? The growth of the game at the MLS level is terrific but it won’t catch every deserving player. We need strong leagues below MLS as a place for young players to get minutes, for fans to root for a team at the local level, and to most importantly, be a training ground for new coaches.

Armada FC–Nay: This is the new name for the Jacksonville NASL franchise. As we mentioned above we’re all for the growth of the game at the lower levels but at least come up with a better name that Armada.

Landon Donovan’s Potential Retirement–Nay: Out of pure selfishness we are going to say nay here. Donovan has been the iconic player of what has been a golden generation for U.S. soccer. He has the personality to be a star off the field while have the skills to back it up on the field. You can’t fault the guy for wanting to retire from international play following the World Cup given that he had been playing for 10 years straight prior to his sabbatical but it would still be a shame to see him go.

Brek Shea–Nay, Juan Agudelo–Yea: Two players two different career trajectories at the moment. Shea is getting some time on loan but it still won’t be enough to save his career at Stoke. It’s obvious at this point that he should have stayed in MLS but on a team that would challenge him to be a complete player. Conversely, the move overseas for Agudelo has been just what he needed.

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