World Cup 2014 TV Listings

The teams are set and the times are scheduled so the only thing left to do is wait until the FIFA World Cup draw on December 6 to see when and where your favorite team plays but Soccer365 gives you a sneak peak at when you can watch next summer.

For those who have not checked out a map recently, Brazil is relatively speaking the closest to the same latitude as the U.S. which means next summer will offer great viewing times with kickoffs primarily at noon, 3 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm time slots.

This will force some fans to take long lunches or leave a little early but it beats the alternative think back to 2002 when games were on in the middle of the night as Japan and South Korea hosted or even the more early morning games associated with games when European countries host.

All the games will be shown on ABC, ESPN or ESPN2.

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World Cup 2014 TV Listings.

Thursday, June 12
Brazil vs A2, 4pm ET

Friday, June 13
A3 vs A4, Noon ET
B1 vs B2, 3pm ET
B3 vs B4, 6pm ET

Saturday, June 14
C1 vs C2, Noon ET
D1 vs D2, 3pm ET
C3 vs C4, 6pm ET
D3 vs D4, 9pm ET

Sunday, June 15
E1 vs E2, Noon ET
E3 vs E4, 3pm ET
F1 vs F2, 6pm ET

Monday, June 16
G1 vs G2, Noon ET
F3 vs F4, 3pm ET
G3 vs G4, 6pm ET

Tuesday, June 17
H1 vs H2, Noon ET
Brazil vs A3, 3pm ET
H3 vs H4, 6pm ET

Wednesday, June 18
B4 vs B2, Noon ET
A4 vs A2, 3pm ET
B1 vs B3, 6pm ET

Thursday, June 19
C1 vs C3, Noon ET
D1 vs D3, 3pm ET
C4 vs C2, 6pm ET

Friday, June 20
D4 vs D2, Noon ET
E1 vs E3, 3pm ET
E4 vs E2, 6pm ET

Saturday, June 21
F1 vs F3, Noon ET
G1 vs G3, 3pm ET
F4 vs F2, 6pm ET

Sunday, June 22
H4 vs H2, Noon ET
G4 vs G2, 3pm ET
H1 vs H3, 6pm ET

Monday, June 23
B4 vs B1, Noon ET
B2 vs B3, Noon ET
A2 vs A3, 4pm ET
A4 vs Brazil, 4pm ET

Tuesday, June 24
D2 vs D3, Noon ET
D4 vs D1, Noon ET
C4 vs C1, 4pm ET
C2 vs C3, 4pm ET

Wednesday, June 25
F4 vs F1, Noon ET
F2 vs F3, Noon ET
E4 vs E1, 4pm ET
E2 vs E3, 4pm ET

Thursday, June 26
G2 vs G3, Noon ET
G4 vs G1, Noon ET
H4 vs H1, 4pm ET
H2 vs H3, 4pm ET

Elimination Rounds

Round of 16

Saturday, June 28
Round of 16 — 1A vs 2B, Noon ET
Round of 16 — 1C vs 2D, 4pm ET

Sunday, June 29
Round of 16 — 1B vs 2A, Noon ET
Round of 16 — 1D vs 2C, 4pm ET

Monday, June 30
Round of 16 — 1E vs 2F, Noon ET
Round of 16 — 1G vs 2H, 4pm ET

Tuesday, July 1
Round of 16 — 1F vs 2E, Noon ET
Round of 16 — 1H vs 2G, 4pm ET


Friday, July 4
Quarter-finals — W53 vs W54, Noon ET
Quarter-finals — W49 vs W50, 4pm ET

Saturday, July 5
Quarter-finals — W55 vs W56, Noon ET
Quarter-finals — W51 vs W52, 4pm ET


Tuesday, July 8
Semi-final — W57 vs W58, 4pm ET

Wednesday, July 9
Semi-final — W59 vs W60, 4pm ET

Saturday, July 12
Third place match, 4pm ET

Sunday, July 13
World Cup Final, 3pm ET

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