Street Art Gives Players An Edge


The art of football will be played out on the fields of Brazil this summer and in preparation Pepsi is showcasing ‘The Art of Football’ exhibit featuring top players, one of the world’s best photographers, and 6 street artist.

The end product is 6 10-foot by 10-foot canvases bringing the beautiful game to life in a powerful way.

A solid campaign starts with the line-up and Pepsi called on 6 of the game’s best players in Leo Messi, Robin van Persie, Jack Wilshere, David Luiz, Sergio Agüero and Sergio Ramos.  They then had photographer Danny Clinch take iconic black-and-white photos of the players.  And had street artist put on the final touches.

Lionel Messi is the top player in the world and eager to add a World Cup title to his resume that would not doubt put him in the conversation along with countryman Diego Maradona and Brazil’s Pele as the best ever.

Pepsi_Messi_PhotoPepsi_Messi_artSergio Ramos has been a key at the back for Spain and their march to silverware.  The defender was on the field as La Furia Roja won the 2010 World Cup title and the 2008 and 2012 European Championships.  An impressive run!

Pepsi_Ramos_photoPepsi_ramos_artRobin van Persie and the Netherlands made it to the 2010 World Cup final but came up short.  They are once again 1 of the teams that have a good chance to win and will need the offensive output from RVP if they hope to take the final step.

Pepsi_RVP_photopepsi_RVP_artBrazil is the king when it comes to winning World Cup titles.  The Selecao have won an unprecedented 5 titles.  But the title that got away was back in 1950 the last time the South American country hosted the World Cup and David Luiz and company will no doubt be looking to win one at home this time around.

Pepsi_Luis_photoPepsi_Luis_artSergio Agüero will be in Brazil hoping team up with Messi and steal the World Cup trophy over the border to Argentina.  Kun Aguero has no doubt heard stories of what it takes as he is married to Giannina Maradona, the youngest daughter of Diego.

Pepsi_Aguero_photoPepsi_Aguero_artJack Wilshere is one of the crop of young talent players for England.  The central midfielder is eager to once again show that the best soccer (both domestic and international) is played in the birthplace of the game, England.

Pepsi_Wilshere_photoPepsi_Wilshere_artThe artist involved were: UK’s professional doodle bomber, Hattie Stewart, Argentinean urban artist, Jaz, Brazilian illustrator and street artist Ricardo AKN, Barcelona, Spain-based visual artist Zosen, Merijn Hos, visual artists from the Netherlands and Argentinean street artist Eve.

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