Show Support with Captain America Gear


The U.S. men’s national soccer team is more talented than ever before as they prepare for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  Show your support for the Red, White, and Blue in this cool line fan gear and show that you are Captain America!

CaptainAmerica_logo Captain America Logo T-Shirt
A classic from the Marvel Comics line this t-shirt design in instantly recognized and shows that you are a passionate fan.  This lets you be the hero in the stands while your heros on the field play for national pride.

CaptainAmerica_capsCaptain America Caps T-Shirt
Another t-shirt from the Marvel Comics line-up.  This gets straight to the point that you are a fan of the Stars and Stripes and maybe sets you apart from some other fans as it is not as trendy as the Captain America Logo T-Shirt.

USA_underarmourCaptainAmericaCaptain America Compression Shirt
Under Armour provides players with the extra advantage to perform at their best and this Alter Ego Captain America Compression Shirt does the same for fans.  This is perfect for wearing to the U.S. game or using under your club jersey.

USA_blazerStars and Stripes Blazer
This is one of the coolest items in the U.S. fan range.  It is designed by rugby manufacturer Rhino but will look great in the stands cheering on the U.S. team in Brazil. The fan pulling this on will truly be the Uncle Sam of the section.

USA_victoryFingersVictory Fingers
V is for Victory and you can show the world you know it and are ready to put out for it with these Red, White and Blue Victory Fingers.

USA_scarfUSA Soccer Scarf
No serious soccer fan can show up at the stadium without their team scarf.  The perfect item to take to every game.

Get in the Gear!  Find the best fan gear for the United States’ men’s national soccer team at the World Soccer Shop.

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