Oh, NOOO! Mr Ronaldoooooo

The World Cup has entire countries wound up and going crazy with the hopes of making it to the promised land which is Brazil in 2014.  And in Sweden with a huge UEFA playoff against Portugal with a World Cup spot on the line, a Swedish advertising agency came up with this poorly conceived ad campaign for Pepsi.

The campaign depicts Ronaldo as a voodoo doll, or more a Mr Bill look-a-like, about to meet his demise from being tied to a railroad track, to poked with needles, to having his head crushed with a Pepsi can.



The campaign did not go over well with the Portuguese fans and had the site receiving complaints.  Pepsi had the images removed from the Swedish-language facebook page and put out this apology.


We would never want to put the sport or the spirit of competition in a negative light. We regret if people were offended by the posts; they were immediately taken down. We would like to extend our apologies to all concerned.

Ronaldo, much like Mr Bill whose spirit can never be put in check, had the last laugh.  The Real Madrid forward scored all 4 goals including a 3-goal outing in front of the Sweden fans at Friends Arena in Solna as Portugal booked their ticket to Brazil.

And Portugal fans were quick to show their ability on photoshop as well as on the art of making a Ronaldo voodoo doll.



Defenders around the world should be scared if #7 finds the magic in Brazil next summer.

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