MLS SuperDraft Grades

Major League Soccer held their annual SuperDraft on Thursday.  The Philadelphia Union selected goalkeeper Andre Blake with the #1 pick making him the 1st goalkeeper to be selected with the top pick.  Soccer365’s Curtis Reed takes a look at the first rounds and hands out his grades.

Chicago Fire: #13 Marco Franco

With only one pick the Fire went with a need at right back and selected Franco. Some thought he wouldn’t last to #13 so the Fire will feel lucky. However, they may rue that lack of other picks. Grade: C

Colorado Rapids: #12 Marlon Hairston, #19 Grant Van De Casteele, #33 Jared Watts, #35 John Berner

The Rapids turned the #11 pick into the #12 and #19 picks. With those picks they nabbed Generation Adidas player Hairston and possibly one of the only ready to play players in Van De Casteele. That’s not bad, especially for a team with a track record or turning draft picks into contributors. Grade: A

Columbus Crew: #14 Ben Sweat

Some are sold on Sweat’s athleticism but we’re not so convinced. He went where most people expected him to go but we think Columbus could have taken a bigger chance with their only pick. Grade: D

D.C. United: #2 Steve Birnbaum, #29 Victor Munoz

Birnbaum can come in and start right away. That is exactly what United need at the moment. True, they’ve made moves to bolster their backline but Birnbaum will be an asset. Picking up could end up being the steal of the draft. Grade: A-

FC Dallas: #6 Tesho Akindele

Unlike Columbus, Dallas used their only pick of the draft to take a bit of a risk in drafting Akindele. He has a lot of natural ability and in a draft with no sure prospects, why not take a flyer on him. However, it’s possible that Dallas could have traded even farther down to get him. Grade: B

Houston Dynamo: #16 AJ Cochran, #32 Mark Sherrod

As they tend to do Houston played it safe this draft and picked up an Generation Adidas player in Cochran. He probably should gone earlier in the draft. Sherrod could be the next Will Bruin but he’ll have to work hard to make the team. Grade: B

LA Galaxy: #23 Kyle Venter

The Galaxy traded out of the first round earlier in the week in what was a cap saving move. Venter was good at the combine but probably won’t challenge for a starting spot with the team. Grade: C

Montreal Impact: #5 Eric Miller, #37 George Malki

Miller is a Generation Adidas player and has the skills to be a good prospect, but giving up an international roster spot in addition to allocation money and the #10 pick might be too much. International roster spots are too valuable to trade for a project. Grade: D

New England Revolution: #4 Steve Neumann, #11 Patrick Mullins, #31 Alex Sundly

Neumann has a good set of skills that should fit in well with the Revolution’s midfield. That’s not a bad pick-up for part of the trade for Michael Parkhurst. Some thought it was a reach to pick him at four, but again, this draft had no surefire prospects so why not? Mullins will compete for a spot right away. Grade: A

New York Red Bulls: #22 Chris Duvall

With only one pick and at #22 New York picked who they thought could help them. However, they probably could have nabbed Duvall in the next round. Grade: D

Philadelphia:  #1 Andre Blake, #15 Pedro Ribeiro, #25 Kevin Cope, #27 Robbie Derschang

Typically a team that trades to the top spot in the draft has to give up an arm and a leg to make it happen. All Philadelphia had to do was give up the second pick and some allocation money to grab the only sure prospect in the draft in Blake. That alone would give them a high grade but nabbing Riberio was also a shrewd move. Grade: A

Portland Timbers: #17 Shillo Tshuma, #36 Aaron Long, #26 Taylor Peay

It was a surprise that GA player Tshuma fell all the way to #17 but Portland will take. They got a player that could develop into something special and won’t cost them. Taking Taylor Peay from rivals Seattle and Salt Lake has to feel good. Grade: A

Real Salt Lake: #18 Ryan Neil

Neil is probably the most underrated player in the entire draft. Credit to Salt Lake for choosing a player that doesn’t fit their typical midfield players. For sure he has good crossing ability but it is his speed that will be a difference. Grade: B

San Jose Earthquakes: #9 JJ Koval, #28 Joe Sofia

There is not a lot about the Earthquakes draft that gets you excited. In fact, it doesn’t cause much reaction at all. That can’t be a good thing. Grade: B

Seattle Sounders: #8 Damion Lowe, #21 Jimmy Ockford

Grabbing GA player Lowe is a nice move for the Sounders. He won’t be asked to contribute right away but instead will bide his time and learn. Still, they did give up both Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and Patrick Ianni has part of the trade (salary cap considerations as well). Grade: C

Sporting Kansas City: #38 Adnan Gabeljic

Being a Missouri product (St. Louis) the SKC staff will have had the opportunity to see him up and close. Other than that not much is known. Grade: D

Toronto FC: #10 Nick Hagglund, #24 Daniel Lovitz

All the signs are their for Hagglund to be a good pro but many players have gone to Toronto FC with that potential and failed. At least Toronto didn’t have to give up too much when moving up. Grade: C

Vancouver Whitecaps: #3 Christian Dean, #7 Andre Lewis, #30 Mamadou Diouf

They failed in their big to land Blake but they still picked up a decent prospect in Dean. Lewis is also a good pick up. The question lies more in what Vancouver wants to do with them. After all, they haven’t also been known as a rookie friendly team. Grade: B

Which team do you believe had the best draft?  Talk about MLS on Soccer365′s facebook page.

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