Lebron Joining MLS?

James_BecksLebron James could become the next co-owner of an MLS team if reports out of south Florida are correct.  The Miami Heat player has talked over the business deal with David Beckham and the two sports superstars are considering the next steps to making it a reality.

James has connections with the game of soccer.  He invested in Liverpool Football Club as part of the Fenway Sports Group in 2011 and even took part in some of the marketing for the new club’s jersey that year.  He has been known to attend games at Anfield.  And has learned the game over the years, even including Lionel Messi in his list of Top 5 players in other sports.

But the deal is far from complete with James telling Local10.com; “You don’t know until you sign the papers.”

If the deal goes down the biggest argument between the two may be over the shoe sponsorship.  James is a long-time Nike wearer while Beckham was one of the faces of adidas in his playing days.

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