Ghost of Maracanã

Ghost_of_MaracanaUruguay did the unthinkable when they beat Brazil 2-1 in the deciding match of the 1950 World Cup to take home the World Cup title for the 2nd time.  Over 200,000 fans were rumored to be at the Maracanã (official attendance was only 199,954) that day and they all went home dejected.

July 16 is still seen as a day or regret in Brazil with fans of all ages remembering the day they let the title slip away and they are still haunted by the memory.

Brazil easily swept aside the challenges of Sweden and Spain, 7-1 and 6-1, respectively, on the way to the deciding match.  They only needed a draw in the final game to win their first World Cup title.  The 1950 World Cup is the only time the tournament has crowned a champion with a final group stage.

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