Germany In All White Kits?

The classic look of the German national team is their white jersey with black shorts and white socks.  The look is simple and clean yet instantly recognizable.  But that will change with the release of the latest ‘home’ look for Die Mannschaft and it is not being well received by all fans.

As if the addition of the 3-tone chevron on the front of the new jersey was not enough, the kit will feature white shorts along with the white socks.

There is a controversy in Germany and immediately been the focus of a video in the Hitler parity series.

It is great Hitler takes time to breakdown some of the traditional looks and indirectly mocks them; the Dutch copying Germany and wearing black shorts, England wearing white shorts and ‘selling out to Nike,’ and Puma’s creative African kits.

The insults aren’t exclusively reserved for national teams.  Hitler points out that Newcastle’s home jerseys don’t contrast with any teams, and compares Germany to the LA Galaxy wearing white shorts.

The end solution is to be in a group with other teams that wear white so that Germany can wear their away kit.  The away kit is rumored to have large Red and Black horizontal stripes, Red/Black socks and of course BLACK SHORTS.

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