Dare to be Brazilian

neymar_daretobeBrazilianBrazil is known for their unique and creative brand of soccer.  The Samba Kings have won an unprecedented 5 World Cup titles with this un-matched style but within the side players have their unique spin on the beautiful game.  Nike takes a look at some of these in their latest video ‘Dare to be Brazilian.’

The video gets into the heads of Neymar, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Paulinho, Bernard.  Silva is the godfather of the street taking no non-sense to get the job done, Paulinho is pragmatic in his approach to street ball even getting applause from a casual spectator, Ronaldo, Luiz is the child whose inner spirit is a superhero still being coached be Big Phil, Bernard is the diminutive midfielder who uses his size and know-how to breakdown bigger players, and is the Neymar is the kid still playing on the beach that puts in the final touch.

Get in the Gear.  The World Soccer Shop has official gear of the Brazil national team.

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