5 Things Learned from adidas Launches

Colombia is Hot! – Colombia is returning to the World Cup for the first time since 1998 and they have a classic looking jersey.  The combination has made Los Cafeteros’ jersey one of the best sellers since it was released earlier this month.  It is selling head-to-head with traditional heavyweights Germany and Mexico according to sources at the World Soccer Shop.

Germany is Not! – They may be 3-time World Cup champions and one of the favorites heading to Brazil but the Germany jersey and new kit are slow to take-off.  The 3-tone red chevron on the front of the jersey and the all-white home kit are making this a little hard to swallow for some hardcore fans of Die Mannschaft.

Authentic is In!Authentic Jerseys are the way to go for the true fans this year.  The fans want to have the complete experience that the players have and so are willing to pay a little more.  This is a big change from trends in previous years when the replica jersey was a suitable option. (Authentic jerseys run $119.99 while Replica Jerseys are $89.99)  But that leads us back to the oldest question in soccer gear sales, what is the difference between authentic jersey vs replica jersey?  The answer is pretty simple.  The ‘Authentic Jersey’ is made exactly like the one you will see the players wearing on the field.  These jerseys are made with the same materials, have the same liners (if the jersey has one), etc.  This is why the authentic jersey is more expensive.  The ‘Replica jersey’ has the same look but is not exactly like the ones the players will wear.  You can rest assured that ALL jerseys both Authentic and Replica at the World Soccer Shop are purchased directly from adidas and not some discount provider.

Samba_fullCollectionPaint it Black? Not this year! – The Samba collection is making waves after being released in early November.  The move to more colors and bolder colors on soccer cleats has been years in the making and the 3-stripes are taking full advantage with the line inspired by Brazil.  The colors of Carnival in addition to the flare on the field of Joga Bonito will be seen on fields across the U.S. leading up to next year’s tournament.

Brazuka_TeaseBrazuca Is Big! – adidas has been the official call provider of the World Cup since 1970.  The official ball has become the most visible icon from each tournament with fans looking to grab a part of history and early forecasting has the 2014 adidas Brazuca easily in position to be the best-selling official World Cup ball in history.  But don’t fret if you have a favorite from year’s past as adidas is once again going to be selling versions from previous World Cups.

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