2014 World Cup Teams

World_Cup_TrophyThe 32 team field for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil was finalized earlier this week with the completion of the 2-leg playoffs.

After all was said and done, next year’s tournament will be among what could be considered the ‘old guard’ of the game.  Bosnia-Herzegovina is the only first time qualifier to the quadrennial tournament. The UEFA side took no chances winning Group G to earn an automatic bid.  The other team from Europe, Iceland, looking to qualify for the first time was knocked out in a play-off.

The other teams that saw their World Cup dreams die in a playoff were Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, and Jordan.

Outside of Bosnia-Herzegovina, every other team has qualified for 3 or more tournaments.  Brazil, the tournament’s host, is the only team to have played in every World Cup.

World Cup Appearances:
APP. 2014 TEAM
20 *Brazil (host)
18 Italy (Europe)
18 *Germany (Europe)
16 *Argentina (South America)
15 Mexico (intercontinental playoff)
14 England (Europe)
14 France (Europe playoff)
14 *Spain (Europe)
12 Uruguay (intercontinental playoff)
12 *Belgium (Europe)
10 *Netherlands (Europe)
10 Russia (Europe)
10 *Switzerland (Europe)
10 USA (Concacaf)
9 Chile (South America)
9 South Korea (Asia)
7 Cameroon (Africa)
6 Portugal (Europe playoff)
5 *Colombia (South America)
5 Japan (Asia)
5 Nigeria (Africa)
4 Algeria (Africa)
4 Australia (Asia)
4 Croatia (Europe playoff)
4 Costa Rica (Concacaf)
4 Iran (Asia)
3 Ecuador (South America)
3 Ghana (Africa)
3 Greece (Europe playoff)
3 Honduras (Concacaf)
3 Ivory Coast (Africa)
1 Bosnia & Herzegovina (Europe)

*seeded team

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